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Off-Road 4x4 Land Rover Driving Experience. 

For a team building experience then a mountain or quarry day may be the one for you. For Stag and Hen parties, We can also offer Rally Buggy and Hovercraft Racing.

Come along and enjoy a fun filled day with stunning scenery (when you can take your eyes off the road) in North and mid Wales. Our guides will take you to some of the most inaccessible places in the mountains where most other vehicles quite simply just wouldn't make it. Bring your camera with you and your wellies. You're going to need them on this exciting day out.

   Full day green lane tours.



Corporate/Stag/Hen Events.

90 Dirty Adventures.

Gift vouchers are available. 

All of our experiences can be individually tailored to suit your needs. That may be that you want a special gift or food you would like ordered for the day. The vehicle (or vehicles depending on the size of your party) can be equipped with a water supply, fridge and cooking facilities especially for when we go out on camping expeditions to more remote locations. Just complete an enquiry form with ideas for your party and we will make dreams happen.

Driving experiences with a difference.

Enjoy a rugged off-road 4x4 Land Rover driving experience like never before!

At 90 Dirty Adventures, we offer driving experience packages and sight seeing tours in our stunning countryside.

We have several Land Rover vehicles that can cater for small or large parties alike.

Climb on board one of our Land Rover vehicles and let us take you out for a day out to remember.

Off-Road 4x4 Land Rover Driving Experience